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Mexico City. – Two years after the death of Edith Gonzalez after the battle against ovarian cancer, his will is published, in which he leaves his only daughter (Constanza Grill) as the global heir to his estate.

Constance, born August 17, 2004, is the only heir to the well-known and beloved actress, but he will not inherit property until he reaches the age of majority, which is next year.

Edith is very dictated on what to do, the universal heir is my daughter-in-law, I am the executor. Understanding everything, we are not for lawsuits, one of Edith’s traditions is to always negotiate, to practice love and goodwill, ”said Vector Gonzalez, brother of the deceased actress.

The reading of the will led to various speculations about Gonzalez’s wealth, even exaggerating the amount of money he had, which caused family dissatisfaction and fear. Edith’s brother, Vector Manuel Gonzalez, denies that his sister has amassed such millionaire sums and expressed his concern for his daughter-in-law’s safety, listing it as “unethical” and “dangerous” as it could provoke attacks against security. Small.

Also, despite dedicating his life to acting, acting and television, he stressed that there are no big luxuries. He added that the whole family is united and mutually supportive, and that when the majority reaches the age of majority, Constance will inherit, but for now, Vector Manuel is the executor.

Meanwhile, the young Constanza has a low profile in public life and social networks, being very respectful of his personality, his uncle commented that although he is not much interested in acting, he loves music very much.

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