Robert De Niro recalls the role he lost that won him an Oscar instead

Robert De Niro's best films revived at Tribeca Festival

As part of the celebration With De NiroSuch films will be screened this weekend The Godfather Part II, Analyze this, Silver Linings Playbook, Goodfellas And Deer hunterRobert De Niro acted within the framework of the film festival he founded in New York.

De Niro Con is part of the 2024 edition of the Tribeca Festival founded by Robert De Niro.

A talk between De Niro and Tarantino took place on Friday afternoon with a screening of Jackie BrownThe third movie Quentin TarantinoSince 1997, featured Robert DeNiro In the role of a recently acquitted convict, Lewis Caraand director Pulp Fiction Appreciated his performance.

“I've seen the movie with a lot of different audiences, and when they try to talk and have a whole meeting about exchanging money, they're always very responsive to how high you are. You are stuck on a telephone line and you realize that there was a comedy scene. You have acted as a comedian. I think it's a situation where you say, 'Oh, I can do a little more here.' I can do my thing while they tell the story,'' the director highlighted.

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Robert De Niro at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival
Quentin Tarantino Hosts a Q&A with De Niro at 'Jackie Brown' Screening

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