They deny the Govt-19 vaccine to actor Ponzo de Nigris

Poncho de Nigris Instagram Poncho de Nigris

Mexican actor and influence Poncho de Nigris Employees at a vaccination center in the municipality of San Nicolஸ்s de las Carsa in Nuevo Lyon were unable to vaccinate him against Covit-19 because they felt he did not meet the requirements for receiving the dose.

As the actor denounced on social networks, this Sunday he went with his children to San Nicolas de las Carsa to get the first dose of the vaccine, but those in charge of administering it refused because he had gone and registered a day before the relevant date.

De Nigris said he wanted to get vaccinated the day before because he was planning to travel to Mexico City and that it would coincide with the appointment date.

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“Let’s see how they vaccinate us. I’m going to Mexico early tomorrow, so I do not know if I will react. Tomorrow is my turn, here it is. Go straight, It is considered. I do not know how many lines there are for the vaccine, I’m going to wear Pfizer, we ‘re going to go there! “, He said on his social networks before he said it was not possible to get vaccinated.

Poncho de Nigris Instagram Poncho de Nigris

After the denial, he became angry with the Mexican authorities, however he admitted that they did not comply with the rules.

“Because the clown didn’t want to vaccinate me and I was not from San Nicholas, I registered at my wife’s address. They did not vaccinate me. They told me. I’m not going to be here on Tuesday but Tuesday, that’s why I came here,” the actor said through his Instagram stories. .

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“If I get sick and I die, they don’t want to vaccinate me, it will be recorded. The rules are rules but I thought they could help me because I was on a trip, but hey,” he added.

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