Virgo Today’s Horoscope for April 3, 2023: You know where your emotions come from

Advice Your horoscope for this Monday See what the predictions are for love, health and more.

virgin, Your horoscope says that through the influence of Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter on you from the beginning, you can improve many aspects that will help you increase the potential for action and development of new virtues and valuable qualities.

Day forecast

With Mars you can greatly improve the strength and energy you bring to your work.


Thanks to the influence of Capricorn from the house of joy and happiness, you are going to be more consistent and dedicated to improving the feelings of your life that will make your heart feel full and happy. .

Astral Agenda: Weekly from March 3 to 9, 2023


You’re going to develop new ideologies that will help you change many old habits that aren’t helping you and replace them with new ones that will keep you in top health, thanks to Pluto in your health house.


Let your mind be revolutionized by the impact of Pluto in your house of work, and you can create new and innovative ways to improve your work efficiency.


If you use your personality positively and cheerfully, you are economical, so that clients feel more trust and empathy with you, something you can easily achieve with your 2nd house Libra.

Pair prediction

With Saturn in your seventh house to improve your capacity for affection towards your partner, the things you can develop and develop are responsible for the emotions within you and the things you help the most.

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Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Friendship: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Work: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Sexual energy: Good

Today’s information

With the Moon in your sign, you are in a better position to understand and know the origin and possible purpose of some intense emotions within you. Use it in actions that fuel creation.

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