They deny rumors of the death of legendary rapper DMX, hospitalized for heart attack due to overdose


9 abr 2021 04:22 GMT

Following the viralization of the ‘RIP DMX’ and ‘Rest in Power DMX’ labels on social media, musician’s manager Steve Riffkind has denied the rumors.

Steve Riffkind, manager of the renowned rapper DMX, has denied rumors of his client’s death a few days ago. Was admitted to the hospital “In severe condition” after overdose of medication that caused a heart attack.

After the tags ‘RIP DMX’ and ‘Rest in Power DMX’ went viral on social media, Rifkind took to Instagram to deny the rumors. “Please stop publishing these rumors, DMX is still alive,” he said. Video.

“Yes, he’s in life support, but please, it will not help anyone who sees these false rumors,” he continued, adding that the rapper’s family will release a statement “at some point” this Friday.

At the same time, the manager confirmed the news that the musician, whose real name was Earl Simmons, was connected to a life support machine. Previously, D.M.Z. Announced The musician’s brain function was impaired.

Grammy candidate Simmons has struggled with addiction for years, especially in crack, and has been admitted to rehab centers several times. His last rehabilitation period came in 2019, after serving 12 months in prison for tax evasion.

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