They denounced ChatGPT in the US: demanding the suspension of the service as a risk to users’ privacy.

An organization condemned ChatGPT in the US for endangering users’ privacy and demanded its suspension (REUTERS)

ChatGPT and application Artificial intelligence They proved themselves capable of great things. Many companies around the world have warned about this Fast forward And this Lack of control About the same.

That’s why, this Wednesday, a system America Condemned the technology company Unlock the AIThe developer of the popular chat, considering the technology it uses -Call GPT-4Violates Consumer Protection Act.

The Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP) filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and said the product at issue “Biased, misleading And one considers danger Privacy and Security public”.

“The FTC has a clear responsibility to investigate and prohibit Unfair and deceptive business practices. We think you should take a closer look at OpenAI and GPT-4,” said CAIDP President Mark Rotenberg.

According to CAIDP, OpenAI Violates Consumer Protection Act (Getty)

As explained, the technology company did not comply with certain procedures established by the Commission, which, among them, require “empirical validation of the data and models used” and its transparency. The lawsuit asserts that OpenAI lacks adequate safeguards to limit bias and deception.

Along with this request, Rotenberg was one of the signatory businessmen and dignitaries An open letter In that they demanded – in a disastrous tone Temporary suspension of tests With artificial intelligence, superior to GPT-4 because “they can pose,” they assume Deeper risks For society and humanity.

“Society has stopped other technologies that could have catastrophic effects on society. We can do it here. Let’s enjoy a long summer vacation from AI, don’t rush to fall without stopping”, reads the letter appealing by the NGO Future of Life Institute for a six-month period without the development of this technology.

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Rottenberg and Musk are among the signatories to a letter demanding a six-month pause in artificial intelligence (AP) development.

Among the signatories was the CEO of Tesla. Elon Musk, and co-founder of Apple, Steve WozniakWho requested more Government intervention In this case, the companies do not respond to the request.

The rapid advance of this technology has alarmed many who have warned of the profound and irreversible change it could create “in the history of life on Earth” and therefore “must be planned and managed with appropriate care and resources”.

Another aspect that caused concern “An unrestricted race to create and use the most powerful digital minds” AI labs are involved in this and it could replace many people in their jobs.

Experts warn of risks of developing this technology without proper controls (Freepik)

GPT – derived from the English word ‘generative pre-trained transformers’ – is a type of artificial learning model used to generate human-like language, and its latest version -4- has been shown to be capable of providing highly accurate and precise responses. .

Developer Labs has defined it as its “last milestone in its effort to expand deep learning,” and while they maintain it, unlike what whistleblowers subscribe to, it’s less capable than people in many real-world situations.

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