They conduct reviews of the space where the concert will be held

Staff of the Directorate of Computer, Supervision and Control made an inspection visit to the Cueva de San Ignacio area to check the security conditions for the traditional cave festival.

The staff of both cities toured the many places that make up Cerro de la Bova and Cueva de los Loceros, last Wednesday, in order to find out what state they are in.

In addition to these municipal bodies, employees from the Directorate of Public Works and Municipal Public Services attended to inspect and verify the area.

All this work is part of preparations for the traditional celebration of Cave Day, when about 12,000 people are expected to attend. This is so that the different places people go to have the necessary security and conditions for the celebration.

“We review the security conditions of places where people tend to congregate, and in this way we ensure that people go to safe places,” said José Félix Pérez of PC.

The head of the computer indicated that these tasks to check the current status of the various spaces are aimed at providing security for people and helping to celebrate in places and areas where there are no dangers to residents.

He noted that in addition to the party itself, which gathers thousands of people, a wide sports program is being considered, with sports racing, cycling and others.

Also the night before the party, hundreds of people came to turn on the lighting system and others to camp at the top of Pikachu Mayor and other places, such as the hills that surround this important area of ​​the city.

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