Yahaira Plasencia shines at the 2022 Youth Awards: renews her presentation as a tribute to “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico” Video Farándula | programs

Dazzling! revealed during his presentation at Premios Juventud 2022. Peruvian Michael Stewart, Luis Figueroa, Luis Vazquez join Manny Cruz in a tribute to “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico”,

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The singers performed the famous songs “Que le ponen salsa” and “La fiesta de Pilito”.

The 19th Gala of Premios Juventud 2022 will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Yahaira Plasencia 2022 Youth Awards (Photo: IG Youth Awards)

Premios Juventud 2022: Yahaira Placencia prepares to sing live

Although not recommended in any way, Chaz Boat was ready to sing live with other artists and more than one user on social networks highlighted his presentation.

Ahead of her show, Yahaira Placencia announced in press releases that she would be singing live.

“This time we are going to sing live, not with an orchestra, but with pre-recorded background music. Also, I prepared a lot for singing live, because yes, singing and dancing is complicated, and nerves. Apart from the fact that this is the first time to sing live at such important awards, it is not easy.He pointed out.

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