They claim that a comet three times the size of Everest is heading towards Earth

NASA experts and scientists Commented that the comet is known as “.the horn“Three times the size of Mount Everest, considered the highest mountain on the planet, erupted and hurtled toward Earth.

This celestial hailstorm, which orbits the Sun once every 71 years, won’t get too close to Earth until 2024, when it will be visible to the naked eye. The comet will then be launched back into the solar system and won’t make its cosmic tour until 2095.

According to experts, due to the composition of the comet’s nucleus, which consists of a mixture of ice, dust and gas, astronomers classify it as a “cryovolcano” and it can be observed from Earth.

Does this pose any danger to the planet?

Does it pose any danger to the planet? The so-called “Devil’s Comet” will not affect Earth, but it could be seen in 2024.

According to reports Direct science, The comet will reach its closest approach to Earth on Sunday, April 21, 2024.This astronomical object can be seen without the need for special instruments and then returns to the outer solar system.

Experts point out that this is a unique opportunity. Because its orbital period is 71 years. According to the calculations of experts, the next opportunity to observe it will be until the year 2095.

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A comet three times the size of Everest is heading towards Earth, say experts

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