They catch a tele lily kiss with Maria, the daughter of Pep Cardiola

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Tele Alli, English player Tottenham Y Mary, Daughter Pep Cardiola, They have a relationship that goes beyond friendship, they do not hide, they are captured London, Published by The Sun.

In the picture published by the English newspaper, the daughter of the player and the coach City of Manchester Kiss, whom They were not interested in hiding it in the Cloud 9 bar, According to a witness.

They didn’t care who saw them kissing DJ In front of the booth. It was packed with hundreds of spectators. All tables were booked and fully booked. Strangers have wandered in the past From him Y Maria They did not blink.

They were in a group together and it was so welcome. They were so beautiful, they might be getting married, ”they told the British newspaper.

According to the release, Mary He has talked to his friends about what happened From him, But they Make sure they are ‘friends’ only. They have known each other for a month, last Sunday, a day after the event Tottenham Lost to him Leeds United.

Over there Had a bad season with Spurs, Most of the time he was an alternative Not a single goal was scored in the English league. They recently ended their relationship after modeling Ruby May I can’t bear to play so many hours Fortnight.

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