Mike Tyson's old rival called Jack Paul after the fight was suspended

fight between Mike Tyson And Jack Paul He never traveled the normal path. The age difference always created distrust in the environment, the transition from exhibition to professional caused surprise, and then the cancellation due to health problems of the elder attracted attention. As if that wasn't enough, this time they reappeared on the scene youtuber He received an interesting message from a friend of one who would become his enemy.

The legend of the glove sport experienced dizziness and discomfort while traveling on a plane. Miami to do AngelsHis flight support personnel were accepted to administer first aid to him.

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The former heavyweight champion's team attributed the episode to an ulcer problem. “While continuing to consult with medical professionals regarding his ulcer flare-up on Thursday, Mike Tyson will be required to undergo minimal training for the next few weeks before resuming full training without limitations,” the fight's promoters indicated in a statement. A report with global impact.

The truth is Dyson He has not fought professionally since 2005, but has continued to train during this time. He fought before without going further Roy Jones Jr. In November 2020 at an entertainment fair competition. “My body is overall in the best shape it was in the 1990s and I will be back to my full training program very soon,” Tyson said in a statement. “Jake Paul, this may have bought you some time, but either way you're out of boxing forever. I appreciate everyone's patience and I can't wait to put them forward with an unforgettable performance later this year,” he added.

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Unexpected news

Since the news of the postponement broke, many fighters have called on the social media expert to change the date of the original fight and replace Tyson, the former four-weight world champion. Jones Jr, and threw himself into the ring. “I'm thinking about it,” Jones said when asked if Bettway would consider replacing Tyson.

He added: “If that happens I might try to get fit. I'll get in shape for it because I've never thought about doing that before except in the circumstances of the fight (postponed between Mike Tyson and Jack Paul). “I think it's a great idea. , I'll be ready and fit because if the fight doesn't happen, I'm thinking of the best guy to fight Jake Paul instead of Mike Tyson. If there is a fight, yes (I will accept it),” he added.

The applicant understands that he is a great person for many reasons, but especially for the unity he maintains Dyson Based on age. It is noteworthy that he fought with Iron Mike In 2020 he finished tied, two years younger than his American counterpart.

When asked how he would beat the milk, Jones He added: “I don't think about it, because being me, I only think about being the best, and I never thought about that. Then I find out in the ring.

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