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  • It brought together specialists from different countries, with a special focus on health systems

Opening of the “Data Science” Forum; “Synergy for the future”

Jorge Vasquez Pacheco

Photos: Luis Fernando Fernandez

03/06/2024, Xalapa, Release- 13th International Forum on Applied Statistics “Data Science; Synergy for the Future”, organized by the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics (FEI) of the University of Veracruzana (UV), from May 20 to 24, focused on health systems.

The event included key courses and lectures directed at all groups, with the aim of creating a dedicated environment to demonstrate the different ways in which statistics plays a key role in developing activities and projects related to various disciplines.

Statistics on Cuban vaccine production

The opening was attended by Guillermo Cruz Gonzalez, representative of the General Directorate of the Graduate Studies Unit; Luis Gerardo Montañi Jiménez and Minerva Reyes Felix, Director and Secretary of the FEI, respectively, and Fermin Isaias Cabo Leyva, Director of the Faculty of Economics.

The participation of specialists such as Maylene Mirabal Sosa, from the Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Havana; Carolina Andrea Ochoa Martinez, from the UV Earth Sciences Center; Belem Trijo Valdivia, researcher at the National Institute of Public Health; Armando Sioc, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology in Havana; Vicente Nuñez Antón, researcher at the University of the Basque Country; Jeffrey Racine, of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, and Jones Sanchez Aguilar, an academic at the Queretaro Institute of Technology.

On the first day of activities, the courses “Burden of Disease in Cuba,” by Armando Sioc, and “Bayesian Propositions in Modeling Spatial-Spatio-Temporal Count Data,” by Vicente Nunez Antón, were taught.

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Yones Sánchez Aguilar, from the Queretaro Technological Institute

Geoffrey Racine continued the topic “Introduction to Advanced Nonparametric Estimation,” which was repeated on Wednesday the 22nd at the “Locally Adaptive Functional Data Analysis Online” conference. For his part, Núñez Antón spoke about “Analysis of Contingency Tables: Exhaustive Testing and Residual Analysis to Maintain Nominal Error Rates”; Maylene Mirabal Sosa presented “Bibliometric Analysis Using Bibliometrics: Application to the burden of disease literature.

The activity began on Thursday 23rd with the keynote conference “The Occurrence of Data Science in Climatology in Veracruz”, by Carolina Ochoa; Belem Trejo Valdivia continued the topic “Statistics and Ethics: Do we know and adhere to ethical guidelines in statistical work?”

Statistics table during Geoffrey Racine Lecture, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Yanet García Serrano, an epidemiologist at the University of Havana, addressed “Counterfactual Causation,” and Armando Sioc, “Comparative Disease Evaluation.” On Friday the 24th, “Humanities for Education in Society” was presented by Yunes Sanchez and Belem Trejo with “Identifying and Modifying Pathways in Longitudinal Adjustments in Health”.

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