They capture unprecedented images of the Ring Nebula

The James Webb Space Telescope has provided images with unprecedented resolution of one of the most fascinating space objects in our sky, the Ring Nebula, which formed from the remnants of a disintegrating star that shed its outer layers as it ran out of fuel.

The Ring Nebula (also known as M57 and NGC 6720) gets its name from its distorted donut shape, is relatively close to Earth, about 2,500 light years, and It can be observed on summer nights in the Northern Hemisphere with medium-sized telescopes..

New images by the James Webb Telescope (NASA/ESA/CSA) a Spatial resolution and spectral sensitivity are unprecedentedIt allowed us to observe the finer details of the filamentary structure of the inner ring or better understand the outer parts of the ring, where about ten concentric curves can be seen.

In photographs, one of the poles of this structure is almost directly visible as a kind of barrel of bright colors extending far from the Earth.

Although While the center of the donut may appear empty, it is actually filled with low-density material that simultaneously expands and retracts.The donut’s central hole creates a balloon-like shape embedded in it, the ESA explained in a statement.

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He The colorful main ring is made of gas ejected from the dying star at the center of the nebula.; A star on the brink of becoming a white dwarf, a very small, dense, and hot body that forms the final evolutionary stage of a Sun-like star.

The Ring Nebula becomes a kind of space archeology for astronomers because it allows us to learn more about the original star that created it when it disintegrated.

This space object was discovered in 1779 by astronomers Antoine Tarquier de Bellepoix and Charles Messier, who stumbled upon it while trying to follow the path of a comet through the constellation Lyra, very close to the Ring Nebula.

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