Aaronplay asks children not to leave school to dedicate to Twitch

Do it directly And Dedicate Straight Sites like YouTube or Twitch It’s something Is becoming ‘fashionable’ among young people, More if it reveals the large amount that some characters pocket Aaron Play, After who Leak your revenue, He sent a message to the children.

Raw Alvarez genes, Known as Aaron Flea, Asked the boys and girls That from around the world Do not leave school to dedicate yourself to Twitch or other sitesBecause very few are ‘lucky enough to live on them’, it makes it clear that making that decision is a serious mistake.

AuronPlay’s message for kids

Behind Filtration From How much did you earn on Twitches, Aaron Flea Was live on his channel and touched on the subject, Focusing on the fact that children should not have it as a particular, Neither did he Ibai Lanos or Rupees, Well, they are lucky to be famous but the truth is it is very difficult and takes a lot of work.

It bothers me Is there Boys and girls They say AuronPlay charges 3 million, I’m going to leave school Because I want to be like Aaron Flea. ‘It bothers me. It’s not easy … study, try, do not leave the studyDo not take me, iPod or Rubio as an example. We are lucky, many factors. Do not think that you are going to enter the tweet, you are going to become a millionaire the next day. “Aaron Fle agreed.

The Streamer Said Annoying Because there Many young people believe that they will settle down by directing their lives The truth is, it’s not because you’re lucky, a lot of work, effort and very few people live on this platform.

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He gave a remarkable information, where 99.2% agree that streamers do not live on Twitch, Because their income is so low, Only 0.8% can do that, He is in that small group but he does not recommend that they give up everything to follow his example.

In the same way, he commented One thing that worries him is that a doctor or other professional earns very little., ‘Less than merit’, so it implies an unfavorable situation, but it does not imply that it cannot be successful.

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