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Montessori, N.L. /

Story written on shore Bravo River In a hidden hasinda it is real; Now he Corrido by Laura Carza It is one of the most popular in northern music, so users on social networks changed the name to a trend when it was this Saturday Teacher’s Day.

Larida Corsa, School teacher“The song says that what many do not know is that the story is true, that she was truly a teacher, and that her family members fondly remember her every May 15th.

Who is ‘Larita Corsa’?

Letter of the written corridor Lalo Mora, Description Invaders of Nuevo Leon Laura Carsa had to bear the name, but what really happened April 1, 1954 It was with the invited protagonist Maria Justina Cabrera Garcia, But out of respect they did not use his real name.

Maria Justina decided to kill her boyfriend at the age of 23 and take her own life, After learning of his partner’s infidelity and finding out that he was going to marry another woman.

Lalo Mora overcomes cancer

In 2020 he had to deal with Govit-19 This led to him being hospitalized for 21 days, in 2021, Lalo Mora has faced colon cancer and won it.

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