El Pacha du Roche RT: “You fell on the hook, brother”

Frederick Martinez, a spokesman for “El Pacha”, was concerned about the judicial situation in which rapper Roche RD Dominican found himself with justice and the public ministry’s accusation that he had ‘sexually abused’ a 16-year-old minor. Confirmed the leader of “Wawa”.

Through his spaceship “Pégate y Gana con el Pachá”, the animator promised, “He thinks so”:

“I’m worried about Rochey. He’s going to catch a stupid Rochey, forced action. Everything will stop,” Pasha said immediately. “An experienced person speaks to you. I love that guy so much, I was worse than him. Environment, orientation. Roche Should I go this way to find a handler and find someone to guide him? ”He asked himself.

In that sense, he established that rapper is currently the most important artist of the Dominican urban genre. “God wants to put his hand up on Sunday because God’s miracle did not save Roche RT,” he said.

Frederick cited his case as an example that he was released from prison because he recorded a conversation with a lawyer who was charged with “sexual harassment.”

“A woman who wanted to be famous wanted to be famous for 5 minutes after inviting me to a hotel,” he said, while his wife “supported me.”

In the end, Pacha asked Aderli Ovio Ramirez to ‘pray’ for “Roche” because in his opinion “this little problem is ugly for photography”.

“Hell, you fell on a hook brother, you said, he’s already a hook, prisoner,” he said.

Pégate y Gana con el Pachá Every Saturday Teleradio is broadcast by the United States for the National Territory; Meanwhile, Dominicans abroad watch the show on Dominican TV and social networks: Cachicha and YouTube.

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