Who is the father of the children of Aresley Arambula: the confession of Arturo Carmona

The latest revelation of One of the actress’ former associates Many have wondered who is the father of Arasli Arambula’s children.

And that’s it though Patriarch of Louis Miguel This has never been heard before, and some believe that the confession of ‘La Sule”s ex-boyfriend may have led to the singer’s departure from Little Miguel and Daniel.

Who is the father of the children of Arasli Arambula

However, despite rumors and speculation, in reality ‘Unconditional’ translator He is the biological (and legal) father of 14- and 12-year-old children, respectively.

However, it is known from the statements of the Mexican actress ‘El Sol’ did not pay him the maintenance amount due to him And he has not been in contact with them in recent years.

But this is not the reason why many wonder who is the father of Arasli Arambula’s children, but rather a recent interview Arturo carmona He spoke to a journalist named Fernando Lozano. In it he reveals that he is the father of small children only when he gets acquainted with the protagonist of the film ‘Wild Heart’.

Arturo Carmona said why Aresley is the father of Arambula’s children

After working together on the play ‘Perfume de Guardiana’, the actor admitted that he had been in love with the singer for at least a year and that he had become a ‘father’. Of Luismi’s children.

This is because he and Aresley have lived together often since they saw each other every day, and the bond he raised with small children. He still wanted children.

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‘I love your family. The kids and I had a good relationship and we lived together. I dare say that at that time I was the father of those children.

At the time he revealed that he supported her and tried to develop a children’s relationship with Louise Miguel, but in the end this would lead to their separation.

Because he was staying at Aresley’s house to find out who the father of Aresley Arambula’s children was. She wanted to keep her love life off camera after she split with the father of her children.

‘I complimented her that she pretended and made Dad see her children, I did not understand, she just went and stayed there … I started to get tired, I just parted and disappeared. [Pensaba] ‘What am I doing here?’ There came a time when I was tired, she understood it so well, we talked about it today, and she tells me she wants to get back in time.

So, although Arturo Carmona Aresley is not the biological father of Arambula’s children, he was at one point the image of his father without Louis Miguel, and as they say ‘Dad is the foster’, the actor is understandable. The organization ‘I give you life’ has issued these statements.

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