They are filtering out a poster confirming Messi’s renewal with Barcelona

Barcelona, ​​Spain /

One The biggest unknowns Of the moment What will happen to Lionel Messi? Will officially become one from June 30th Football player without team It does not seem And Renew with Barcelona Oh Going to another team.

In social networks a Cartel Where it appears Lionel Messi, The same one that many people have commented on Filtration Where Make sure it stays, So there were all sorts of reactions to this possible event.

How does the poster where Messi appears?

Will appear in this poster Lionel Messi, In form ‘He drew‘, Where it was captured FC Barcelona colors, Very much in the style they announced Signatures A few months ago.

In which, the Phrase ’10VE’, it is a pun What will he be Hashtag What he will use Barcelona To mark Messi’s ‘love’ for the clubAccording to the principles he will stay at the club.

As already stated, this Not officially yet See if it really comes straight Barcelona, It is speculated that a ‘fanart‘Someone got creative and did this Representation of Lionel Messi.

What a fact They have done everything within Barcelona For what Lionel Messi update, Was already Signatures Very interesting, Joan Laborda Yes, I will work in a forced march to give even Kun Aguirre would have tried to persuade his comrade.

Lionel Messi He has spent his entire life in practice FC Barcelona They are Can’t imagine With Another team jersey.

Rumored that PSG And this City of Manchester Will be Key Stakeholders There is no news today, despite the high interest in taking on the services of ‘10’, but a few months ago.

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