Supernatural: Another actor from the drama claims his space in the prequel The Winchesters

This week, fans were in an uproar with the reveal of a Supernatural prequel in development, without the inclusion of Jared Padalecki’s character, Sam Winchester. The actor wasted no time and expressed his annoyance directly to Jensen Ackles. Later, another star began to claim her space in the new series as well.

The fact that Supernatural has come to an end on November 19, 2020 in The CWIt is not to say that fans will never hear from the monster hunters who stayed on the air for fifteen long seasons.

Jensen Ackles is developing a Supernatural prequel based on the parents of Sam and Dean Winchester

Portrayed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester got into the hearts of fans to the point of making Supernatural a beloved cult series for many viewers.

While the series concluded last year, a prequel about John and Mary Winchester, the parents of Sam and Dean, is currently in development for The CW with Jensen Ackles set to tell the story of the spin-off titled ‘The Winchesters’.

The news was released on June 24 through social networks, and at the time Supernatural star Jared Padalecki expressed his annoyance at not being included in the next spin-off series.

Being one of the main stars of Supernatural, the character of Padalecki was excluded from the story about John and Mary. And it is that apparently the interpreter of Sam Winchester was not the only one to be left out.

Misha Collins hinted that Angel Castiel should also be in the Supernatural prequel

In this sense, the actor of Ángel Castiel, Misha collins, He also took to social networks to claim his space in the new drama of which Jensen Ackles will be the executive producer with his wife Danneel.

The man behind everyone’s favorite angel Castiel, Misha Collins, threw his hat into the ring on Twitter and said the following upon learning of the development of Supernatural’s school, The Winchesters:

“Looks like this show would benefit from a time-traveling raincoat angel character. I’m just saying…”

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