These are the two series canceled by Netflix after just one season

Netflix is ​​one of the most successful streaming platforms worldwide. It adds products to its schedule every day, but it is also true that Netflix has canceled many of its hit series without any reason.

For example, in 2020, Netflix was criticized for canceling the hit series “On with On E” after 3 successful seasons, and many fans even held a sign-on meeting to continue filming on stage. However, that didn’t happen.

What other series has Netflix canceled?

Legal drama “Carrera al success” (Partner Track) and sci-fi series “Los Imperfectos” were canceled by Netflix after their first seasons. Both serials were in the top 10 of the streaming platform for at least 3 weeks, but the producer decided not to renew them.

Something similar happened in the “Fate: The Winx Saga” series, which gained thousands of fans worldwide. Netflix at one point promised to have a second season, but the producer backtracked on the decision. Even social networks were filled with memes about it, because the series had a huge fan base, which was destroyed after this conclusion.

Additionally, Netflix began canceling series that were too expensive at the production level, such as “Marco Polo,” “Bloodline,” or “Sense8.” This suggests that no project is safe on the streaming platform, or that it doesn’t even matter what its users think.

Some have expressed disagreement with other Netflix decisions, such as renewing the series “Elite” and making 5 seasons of “The Paper House,” which lacked content suitable for all audiences.

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