Gymnastics: The “Gymnastics at Work” space announced that it will make a new attempt at unity

Through a statement, the space “Gymnastics in Action” that assumes the position of President Riccardo Salome, announced that it will make a new attempt to unite the groups next Thursday 17 November, with the aim of obtaining a presentation. One list with a goal of 11/27. They also demand a vote for Libra in the assembly.

full statement

The Gymnastics in Action list nominating Riccardo Salome for the position of President of the Gymnastics and Fencing Club of La Plata is informing our members that before formalizing our association’s list, we will make a new attempt through the GROUPS UNIT in order to have a presentation of a single list with a view to November 27.
We are convinced that the gymnastic moment requires three basic aspects:

1) A democratic university body with a spirit of teamwork, with plans and people suitable for the current moment, where people can think differently and coming from different lists means a leap in quality towards institutional greatness.

2) Managers who have been able to obtain and/or obtain the necessary resources to maintain the short-term situation as well as promote the development of the professional football team that gymnastics needs to face the three competitions of the year and make the necessary investments in infrastructure, youth divisions and all sports and activities for members to enjoy the club the way we deserve.

3) Putting legitimate personal interests aside from the convictions of all.

With this conviction and unwavering desire for better gymnastics motivating us, and knowing that almost no list has the minimum human and financial resources to lead the destinies of the club, we invite again after the Assembly, to all the opposing lists of the main candidates as well as the president and former presidents for the club; With a clear, challenging and powerful goal of developing a true unity where we all integrate and can promote the best of each roster. The date will be Thursday 11/17 at 8:00 PM instead of confirming.

We make the call public. We do this by talking to the people in front of them. We want everyone to know that gym rigs want the unit or at least want to try it again, until the last possible state is exhausted.

Finally, we believe that it is necessary to vote in favor of approval of the balance sheet, since the only question is whether to accept or reject its technical preparation and presentation, after an audit analysis conducted by expert accountants in relation to the question of our space, we conclude in the same opinion issued by Independent auditor Sebastian W. J. Vasquez, in so far as the financial statements reasonably present the legacy position of the club under Argentine Professional Accounting Standards; This is the only aspect submitted to the partners’ consideration for approval or disapproval of the balance technically, and it is not the management of the Steering Committee that deserves approval or not through other institutional forms. We also (and essentially) believe that this action would be a real step forward for unity.

“Always strong and always united”

It’s time to make it happen.

all we can”

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