“There is a growth in the federal perspective”

The second Plenary Assembly of the Federal Council for Science and Technology (COFECyT) took place this year at the Scientific and Technological Pole, chaired by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation and the President of the Council, Daniel Filmos, and with the participation of the Undersecretary of the Federation of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luz Lardoni; Vice-President of the Council and representative of the Chubut region, Mauro Carrasco, and representatives of the various jurisdictions of the country. CONICET President Anna Franchi also attended; Minister for Planning and Policy in Science, Technology and Innovation, Diego Hurtado, and Undersecretary for Studies and the Future, Eduardo Mallo.

During the assembly, Filmos welcomed the council and outlined the issues to be discussed in relation to the goals achieved during the administration at this time. Primarily, he referred to the federal process “which has exceeded expectations and resources in terms of where we come from. Not only from MINCyT, such as the CTI 2030 plan, where it is a central focus through the integration of its regional agendas, but also from CONICET, such as the increase in the number of researchers and scholarship holders, and from the R+D+i agency with non-reimbursable resources and lines of research. There is a before and after without a doubt,” he affirmed and delved into the federal programs “Building Science” and “Equip Science” and their impact at the state level.

The minister stated that it is necessary to “lay down state policies and not be familiar with the electoral calendar and what will happen” and stopped at two laws that “we would like to see bear fruit. One is the Law for the Promotion and Advancement of Technological Innovation, and the other, the CTI Plan 203, we want to benefit from the effort,” he concluded. Finally, Filmos highlighted the work being done by jurisdictions as they align with the ten themes of the CTI 2030 Plan.

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For his part, Lardoon thanked the representatives for their attendance, stating: “We are satisfied with the agency team because the call for Federal Innovation Projects 2023 (PFI) has closed and the jurisdictions strategy is looking at the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation 2030. In addition, it reflects that the funds in this area are being implemented in accordance with federal standards. During the day, we are interested to be able to hear these strategies that you presented yourself,” and noted that this is “a space for meetings and relationships, and it is important to maintain an institutional Council. It’s an honor to get to know him.”

In turn, Franchi highlighted that from CONICET “we are working on issues related to federal standards,” and Hurtado highlighted “the capabilities of the provincial administration in relation to the plan. We leave the seeds planted so that those who follow him will not be left with debts and out of institutions.”

Finally, Carrasco praised the management and work of the council “Today we have a dynamic COFECyT that discusses a scientific agenda, there is a solution between the provinces and this means that the council is active. We must follow this path and strengthen ourselves.”

During the assembly, topics of interest in science and technology were reviewed, the minutes of the previous assembly were signed, and Resolutions 6/23 and 7/23 were approved and signed.

It should be noted that the conclusion of the Assembly took place in the Cero + Infinito building of Ciudad Universitaria, within the framework of the Federal Science Council chaired by President Alberto Fernandez.

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