The wonder tractor is driven by a team of four

The wonder tractor is driven by a team of four

Alvin Orlando Lombard was born in 1856 and was destined to revolutionize many industries.

From an early age, he demonstrated his special skills in the field of mechanics and built machines from an early age, one of which was the wood splitting machine, which was unique because it used only water energy.

Alvin, along with his brother Samuel, opened a workshop in Waterway. They made the recording equipment he designed.

In 1901, engineer Alvin Lombard patented it Tractor Lombard became the inventor of the Steam Lock Haller and the first wheeled vehicle.

Alvin thus took the first decisive step in the development of caterpillars.

The wonder tractor is driven by a team of four

His tractor, the Lombard Steam Lock Haller was used successfully. Be the first in the field of forestry to carry logs cut from the forest.

The team consists of four people People: An engineer, a firefighter, a driver and a helman.

After all, Hellman had a very difficult job.

Except that the smoke sometimes blinded him. The sparks could ignite his clothes because there were no brakes on the “train” and once on a slope loaded with 300 tons of logs it caught a dangerous speed, he only had to make quick decisions.

During a demonstration in Colebrook on Sunday, a Lombard Steam lock lock tractor was towed by a very long snow-covered vehicle loaded with huge logs.

Millions of people came from Boston. And from lumber mills. They lined the roadside and in the woods to see the miracle.

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Churches were also closed for people to come.

The demonstration was very well received and interesting, a Lumberjack wrote on the spot and then, there was a $ 5,000 check.

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