Complete list of countries where isolation action was instituted on return to Romania. States at high epidemiological risk

“It is proposed to suspend activities that require the physical presence of preschool and students in schools and to continue online teaching activities during the period 11.01.2021 – 07.02.2020,” the CNSU decision states.

Gibraltar, Lithuania, San Marino, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Great Britain, Panama, Switzerland, the United States, Montenegro, Andorra, Sweden, Israel, and Israel are among the countries, regions and high risk of epidemics of isolated activity in Romania. , Cyprus, Slovakia, Latvia, Denmark, Estonia, Serbia, Monaco, Portugal, Georgia, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Ireland, Jersey, Croatia, Palestine, Aruba, Russia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, Colombia, Colombia, Colombia, Colombia And the Caicos Islands, Saint Morton, Belarus, Turkey, Malta, Northern Macedonia, France, French Polynesia, Republic of Moldova, Namibia.

List of states at high epidemic risk_08.01.2021 Issued by In the script

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