The woman wins $2 million in the lottery, but loses $750,000 upon winning

Marsha Rollins, a New Kent woman, hits the jackpot and wins $2 million in the lottery by scratching off the Virginia lottery. However, the woman will take a smaller amount of money, due to the way she collects the money.

The player told state lottery authorities that she was on the phone with her fiancé when she decided to write off the ticket she had purchased. It was then that she revealed the prize that made her a millionaire.

I never went to sleep. I was up all night!Said the lucky winner.

Rollins had two options to collect the $2 million. One of them was to collect the entire award in annual payments for 30 years.

The second option was to raise one of the money, but they would only give him $1.25 million, plus tax it.

The woman decided to collect through the second option, which means He preferred losing $750,000 just by having the most money at one time.

Lottery officials said there were still two more prizes of $2 million to claim.

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