La Sonora Santanera may sue Eric Rubin and Andrea Legarreta

Although Eric Rubin and Andrea Legaretta have ended their relationship, Continue to make plans togetherOne of them is A A musical journey called the Cumbia MachineIn this La Sonora Santanera is going to attendBut it was From here a legal battle will begin.

They have been fighting for the right to the name for years with other groups La Sonora Santanera with María Fernanda walked away victorious.

forks That is why That They will launch a legal process against Rubin and LegarettaFirst Despite the announcement of the conflict with the rest of the group They did not stop the presentations.

Gil Navarrete, Music Director of La Sonora Santanera, He spoke for the event first hand And revealed that There was already a resolution in his favor for the same reason Action will be taken if they use their name irresponsibly.

This resolution has already been passed I believe that the truth we have been waiting for will bring benefits to all. Gentlemen comment on many things to a certain extent, and we think irresponsibly.

Irresponsible use of the name will result in fines It can go From 500 thousand pesos to four million pesos. Those who use that name and hire them get permission, in this case Eric Rubin and Andrea Legaretta. If that is not enough, you can ask for 40% of the profit.

“It constitutes a violation of the terms of trade

Both the constraints imposed by the authority are too high For a group with any name like La Sonora Santanera, How can it be Any entrepreneurWhether the producer or the company To use and declare that La Sonora Santanera will be delivered there

Claudio Yardo intervenes to speak with Eric Rubin

Finally, Navarrete relented They spoke with Claudio YardoTimbrich and Gallo Singer, So he talks to Rubin, but to no avail As expected, the other Sonora Santanera ended the show at the Cumbia Machine festival.

“This colleague (Eric Rubin) from the media who was in charge of this project called me and I let him know that the truth was not personal against him, and we said to him: ‘Why don’t you check it well, so that you understand that there is a situation that gentlemen bring so irresponsibly. Should’ still hold their event and its consequences now. He was not only sued (Eric Rubin), His wife was also sued (Andrea Legarreta) is well known, Even his daughter. We are not authorized to give names, but they know who we are referring to, and when the requests come in, they are millionaires because they are very strong requests.”

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