The woman who posted the picture of Bigway with the mysterious blonde in retaliation for not congratulating her son

Gerard Pique Credit: Bang Showbiz

Gerrard Pique has not stopped creating controversy since announcing in a joint statement that he has split from his partner Shakira for 12 years.

Recently, a footballer was trolled by a Swedish restaurant owner who posted a picture of him with a mysterious blonde at a party.

According to the fan, the Barcelona defender has reportedly refused to greet his football-loving son, prompting him to label the star as a “loser” in a social media post that has gone viral.

Katherine Cytomierska shared a photo of herself with her new partner after parting ways with the Colombian singer, claiming that Gerard was infamous for public humiliation.

When the Spanish press tried to identify her, a photo of 35-year-old Big in a hoodie with a young woman in a white beanie went viral over the weekend.

Businesswoman Katherine, who is also a well-known blogger and TV presenter in Sweden, said in an unrestricted message with a photo she took at a Stockholm event on Friday night: “Listen to me @ 3gerardpique. The girls at this party want to do xxxx with you. I see you, and immediately think of my son. , I was clear with you, I asked you to say hello to my son, you said no, because what are you? Can a guy drop a ball? A guy with a ball. I have it, a guy with a ball. But you know there’s karma. “

The anger created by Katherine’s revenge photo taken at a party as part of the ‘Brilliant Minds’ event attended by PQ as the CEO of his company Cosmos led to the privatization of his Instagram account over the weekend.

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Before taking drastic action, Katrin told Catalan journalists Lorena Vasquez and Laura Fawcett: “I asked if I could greet my son. He said no. To my surprise, I asked him again, and his answer was the same.”

The woman added: “He’s not rude, but he’s a little arrogant. I guess he’s a very famous footballer … but until then I have not met him. Then I took a photo to post on Instagram.”

Katherine admits she does not know who the football player’s mysterious friend is.

Gerard and Shakira confirmed the end of their 12-year relationship last month. The ex-couple – parents of sons Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7 – issued a joint statement: “We are sorry to confirm the separation. We are asking for privacy at this time for the well-being of our children.”, Is our number one priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect. “

Spanish media El Periódico has reported that the couple has been living apart for several weeks after Piqué was evicted from the family home by a pop star.

According to sources, Big hosted a “party lifestyle” at his undergraduate residence and enjoyed nights with his teammates.

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