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In addition to followers of Gustavo Pedro, Latin American leftists are also celebrating. The possibility of a new chapter of an ideological project has opened up, which took time for its developmentWithout haste, but constant. So, Colombia could become that key ally that was so scarce.

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Closer to the United States (the United States), Colombia has at least taken the path of enmity and criticism with Venezuela and Nicaragua, part of the challenges facing when Petro becomes a lessee on August 7. House of Narino with his formula Francia Marquez.

Ivan Duque is leaving serious duties. Whether or not he recognizes Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela’s president, the restoration of broken bilateral relations since 2019, but after years of deterioration, In addition to the need to decide on the role of Venezuelan opponent Juan Quito And officials working in Bogot as diplomatic representatives of the interim government.

As for Nicaragua, Pedro Daniel has questioned Ortega’s development, but he has another problem, and that is the solution to the maritime dispute over the San Andres archipelago. Despite the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling in favor of Nicaragua, the controversy has not been resolved.

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“I congratulate Gustavo Pedro and Francia Marquez on their historic victory,” Maduro wrote on Twitter, adding that “a new era awaits this fraternal country.” The Foreign Ministry has called for the establishment of relations through a statement.

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For his part, Daniel Ortega congratulated the head of the historic treaty in a letter, while asking that Colombia maintain its critical position against the country’s opposition Nicaraguan government.

Daniel Arias, a political scientist and regional development expert, believes that “Pedro’s victory opens a radical shift in Colombia’s foreign policy.”

“As for Nicaragua, there may be a pre-negotiation possibility with the situation in San Andres, which has created diplomatic and strategic security issues,” the analyst explained to EL TIEMPO.

Pedro’s victory undoubtedly opens a radical shift in Colombia’s foreign policy

In the case of Venezuela, Arias promises that in the case of Venezuela, the merger will lead to alliances encouraged by the left, in order to take action, such as alienating the union with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). United States

“Maybe join the Bolivarian Alliance for our American (Alpha) people,” Arias confirms, adding that “the way to finally find this plan is to wait for Lula’s victory in Brazil, and work with Mexico to eliminate OAS.”

Analysts agree that a return to relations with Venezuela is inevitable. Despite the campaign Gustavo set up differences towards the regime of Pedro Nicolas Maduro. It is less true that, ideologically, and because of the alliances of the Latin American left, restructuring will take place gradually.

Above all, there is a need: “In the case of Venezuela, the difficult humanitarian situation is the case with Colombia, because it will always have to reactivate the production machine that benefits from the trade relationship,” explains political environmental analyst Jes யானs Janes. And former Venezuelan vice.

Jesús Mazzei, an internationalist and diplomat, agrees with Janes. At the border alone, the economic losses were substantial, with trade earning about $ 7,200,000,000 at the best of times, but it all depends on “who is going to run the government. This restrictive suspension of relationships should never have been achieved.

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Landscape with the United States

Now, how is the Colombia-US relationship? For Michael Weiner, a senior partner at the Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG), an American consulting firm, the bilateral relationship has a strong foundation. “Colombia will continue to be a key US strategic partner in the region.”

In an interview with EL TIEMPO, Weiner promised that, like Pedro, he would criticize the two countries’ approach to security. And combating organized crime, “Its success will require a different approach to these US efforts. A petro administration is likely to review policies such as deportation and coca eradication in the countryside.”

While normalizing diplomatic relations with Venezuela could lead to greater tensions with the United States, the Biden administration acknowledges the need to be more flexible and pragmatic with approaches to Venezuela and Petro, especially on issues related to security cooperation – Weiner explains. He is not the first recently elected leader in the region to take a satisfactory stance towards Venezuela.

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