The WHO says vaccination certification should not be a condition for travel

Geneva, Switzerland.

The World Health Organization (WHO) He said today that he considers Vaccination certificate Should not be required for travel and Such a requirement must be established in accordance with the circumstances of each country Depending on the infection and the risk of pollution it causes.

In updating its travel recommendations, it specified personal information about the organization Vaccine Against Govit-19 Instead, it eliminates the need for one or more diagnostic tests to reduce isolation or arrival in a country.

According to WHO, Certificate Digital vaccine Can be used as a paper document –Only in certain circumstances– Serve to facilitate international travel, as contained in the yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Many countries They demand it as a condition Entering its territory.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has spoken out on the issue a short while ago and stated its support for it. Govt Digital Certification From European union World Reference for Digital Vaccine Certifications.

“In Govt Digital Certification Europe It was accessible at the time of registration and helped to resume travel to countries, ”said the company, which represents more than 260 airlines worldwide.

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