The video of Tommy Mottola hugging Thalia gives something to talk about

Talia and Tommy Mottola played strong separation versions a few months ago, and the music producer, who is 75 years old today, was allegedly unfaithful to the 51-year-old Mexican singer, with no photos together on the networks. At the same time, and the couple’s null announcement in this regard raised doubts that they would announce their divorce anytime soon.

Both were said to have met Married for 22 years Last November, she didn’t even live in the same house, and the singer gave clues to that in her Instagram stories, where she didn’t upload content with her husband like she did before.

Mottola allegedly cheated on his wife Leslie Shaw, a 34-year-old singer who worked with Talia on a music video two years ago, and in the alleged love triangle scandal, she came out. It took a while for the couple, who have two children together, to go public with their relationship, denying that she knew the producer.

Tommy Mottola is 24 years older than Talia, the age difference between them has given us something to talk about since the beginning of their relationship two decades ago, however, the difference has become more noticeable over time, and although the Mexican singer says she does not pay attention to criticism on this aspect, the fact is that she is her husband’s 75th In a recent video posted to wish him a happy birthday, the criticism did not stop.

Despite the fact that this couple is one of the most stable in show business, many doubt that they are really in love, and this was expressed in the comments of the video where they embraced Thalia at Tommy’s feet.

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“They look like your dad.” “Granddaughter with grandmother, how beautiful.” “It’s grandfather and granddaughter hugging and giving a blessing.” “She’s not going to leave him no matter how many horns he blows. All these women want is position and money.” “How can Sony not be treated like a king if he owns the brand,” read the critics.

The singer continues to pour honey for her husband, so she allowed it to be seen in an emotional video dedicated to him with the comment: “Happy birthday to my beautiful husband Tommy Mottola, you deserve all the blessings, all the happiness, all the love from this world, God bless you, my love, you A true inspiration, an amazing father, an incredible partner and an incomparable genius. May this year be filled with good health, smiles, hugs and love in Jesus name. Love you my love Happy birthday to the most beautiful one!” He wrote.

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