Launching a new sports space a few meters from the beach

Javier Cortez

Roquetas de Mar

Saturday, July 15, 2023 at 10:10 p.m

The Roquetas de Mar City Council is making some innovations at the social and urban level in the legislature that has already begun. One of the innovations launched by the municipal council is the creation of futuristic “Pumptracks”, an Anglo-Saxon term referring to an area of ​​sports tracks that is currently in high demand and that some municipalities in the province of Almeria are experiencing. It already has it in its territory.

The area where these sports facilities will be built will be a few meters away from the beaches of Roquetas, will have an approximate area of ​​4,000 square meters and will also have a planned length of about 240 meters.

The Roquetas de Mar City Council also provides some data on the size of the municipal project, since according to what they say with this design, “when it is completely built, first on the ground and then on the asphalt, and its six curves are formed, in addition to a triangular curve and its various obstacles, it can reach Almost 300 meters » In this space you can enjoy various sports activities with bicycles, sledges, scooters, skiing and other means.

The Mayor of Roquetas de Mar, Gabriel Amat, together with the Town Planning Consultant, José Luis Llamas, and the Environmental Protection Consultant, Susie Ibanez, visited the work on the future Pumtrack, which will be located next to the Aquarium.

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The creation of this sports space arose from the idea of ​​offering rock lovers a new area to do sporting activities in the city and to take advantage of the pulling power of sports in the province of Almeria with cycling activities such as Las Cuatro Cimas or Downhill in Filvik, a sport that also uses skates and scooters and incorporates bars.

The municipal council stated that the work related to the vision of the sports area will be completed in September.

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