The Venice Biennale has been “installed” in the Cultural Tanga Square

suspicionthe canary-shaped specimen that appeared in the Spanish pavilion in The 17th Venice International Biennale of Architectureuntil September 11 in The cultural tank space, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is a proposal that addresses architecture from its social impact, through its various disciplines, to offer new reflections and ways to practice a profession that evolves “to adapt to all the dimensions and needs of an ever-changing society.”

For the first time, Spain called for a public competition to oversee its pavilion and the winning initiative turned out to be suspicion, from a team made up of Canarian architects Sofia Pinheiro, Domingo J. Gonzalez, André Guizdala, and Fernando Herrera. Under this motto, the pavilion presented a selection of 34 projects, which in turn were collected through an invitation to which 466 projects were submitted.

Sarkis: “How do we live together?”

The exhibition in Cultural Tanak Square reproduces all of this content, beginning with the question posed by the Venice Biennale curator, Architect Hashem Sarkis, “How will we live together?” , which was put forward before the outbreak of the epidemic, being the president. The response of the team of trustees is a certain obsession in the face of the challenges of the health crisis.

In May 2021, suspicion Convert Spanish Pavilion to A interactive machineThe curators refer to an “uncertain platform, an ongoing process, and a space for reflection, on which the visitor was invited to participate in the collective construction of questions that arose from the Biennial’s motto, rather than reinforce an already outdated certainty.”

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The “uncertainty” can be seen until September 11th at El Tanque Cultural Space in the capital of Tenerife. / Photos: Fran Balero

A year later, the El Tanque cultural space was transformed into time capsuleA small fraction of the exact moment when we first encounter this question, when time seems to slow down and all the answers appear at once.

The selection of proposals is very heterogeneous and the creative process has been placed on top of the final piece. On many occasions, these were approaches not at first sight recognized as architecture, emphasizing the idea that commerce has transcended its historical role in building, adapting and mixing with other disciplines, such as music, poetry, education, agriculture, cinema, dance, video games, tourism and forms of communication New like meme. In the words of the curators, the exhibition does not acknowledge a definitive answer to Sarkis’ question, but invites to ask innumerable questions, which, however, tacitly maintains a certainty: “The future will be together or it will not be.”

roaming suspicion Promoted by the Government of Spain, through the Public Urban Agenda and Architecture of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, and by the Government of the Canary Islands, through its field of culture, in collaboration with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and with the support of the Tacoronte City Council and Aecid, Arquia Foundation, University of La Laguna, College of Architects of Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro.

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