The vehicle's secret button that lowers its temperature in the summer

Through social media, drivers have spread tricks to improve their experience in their cars. (Taken from Tik Tok)

There is a hidden button on some cars designed to let cool air in during times of high temperatures. This device, located in the glove compartment, has aroused remarkable interest among drivers, especially with the advent of summer in different parts of the world.

Operating the button is simple but effective: by pressing it, drivers can activate air conditioning flow to the car's glove box. This action helps keep things like drinks and food cool during trips, which is a very useful function during the summer.

In times of extreme heat, this measure is useful. (Image: Shutterstock)

The shape and location of the button may vary depending on the car model, but its purpose is universal for all vehicles: to provide additional comfort in hot conditions.

This feature is not an isolated phenomenon, but rather a feature integrated into a wide range of modern cars. Well-known brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Kia and Mercedes-Benz already include this button in their latest models.

However, the lack of knowledge about the existence of this button has been corrected thanks to the massive spread of these videos, which have given many drivers an unexpected revelation about the capabilities of their vehicles.

This option keeps the car ventilated. (picture information)

The operation and design of this system highlight its simplicity: Air conditioning duct, which is usually responsible for regulating the cabin temperatureand also moves to the glove compartment, ensuring that the interior of this compartment remains cool.

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This new use of the car's ventilation system not only improves comfort, but also… It can also extend the life of foods and drinks stored in the glove box.

There are many well-known brands of vehicles available, which is one of the factors that has contributed to the popularity of this feature.

This button is available on many car brands. (Photo: Volvo)

Volkswagen, for example, has integrated this function into many of its models, allowing users to enjoy their drinks chilled during long trips.

BMW and Kia have taken a similar approach, With slightly different button locations depending on the layout of the car's front panel.

For its part, Mercedes-Benz has included this feature in its series of luxury cars, with the aim of making it a standard and being at the forefront of innovation and comfort.

Recommended in cases where food is carried in the glove compartment. (picture information)

To take full advantage of this feature, it is important for drivers to familiarize themselves with their vehicle's owner's manual.

The manual provides detailed information not only about the location of the buttonBut also about the correct use of the air conditioning system and other hidden mechanisms that can significantly improve comfort and convenience while driving.

It is necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid possible malfunctions or malfunctions. In addition, it is advisable not to load the glove box with heavy objects that may obstruct air flow or damage the vehicle's mechanism.

There are other tricks and strategies to keep vehicles cool during the warm months:

  • Awnings and window protectors: Using sunshades on the windshield and side window visors helps reduce the amount of heat entering the vehicle.
  • Shaded parking: Whenever possible, parking your car in a shaded location can prevent the interior from overheating.
  • Cross ventilation: By opening the windows horizontally (for example, the front left and rear right), you can create an airflow that helps cool the car's interior quickly.
  • Seat covers: Seat covers made of reflective or heat-absorbing materials can reduce seat temperatures, providing greater comfort when entering the vehicle.
  • Air conditioning in stages: When running the air conditioner, starting at a moderate temperature and gradually increasing it can be more efficient than turning it to maximum from the beginning.
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The proliferation of the air button in the glove box highlights how small innovations can generate big improvements in comfort, especially in extreme conditions such as summer heat.

As automotive technology continues to evolve, drivers can enjoy more and more tools to make their trips a more enjoyable experience.

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