This is the new salary for Elon Musk's workers at Tesla factories in the United States

Elon Musk increased the salaries of workers at his Tesla factories in the United States last month. In fact, it was Interested in trade The person who has He revealed how much they earn now People Workers From factories.

This is forThe salary increase was announced last December It actually happened throughout the beginning of the year. As indicated in these documents, New salary guidelines were announced and implemented on January 8 for Tesla factory workers The thing is They earn between $22 and $39 per hour (Equivalent to approximately 20.4 and 36.2 euros).

Everything goes in stages depending on where you work in the United States. Because they go from fTesla factories in Austin (Texas) and Sparks (Nevada) where they receive the lowest salaryfor company facilities In Fremont and Palo Alto (California), where the highest.

There are seven levels in Tesla

In reality, Tesla divides its factory workers into seven levels, while employers are divided into two levels. Those in Level 1 at the Fremont plant get $25.25 an hour (€23.4) with the new wage structure, and those in Level 7 get $35.50 (€33.0). Meanwhile, top-tier workers in lower-wage areas can qualify for $22 per hour (€20.4).

Working people They can choose to move from one level to another every six months based on their performance, In addition to Tesla's global results, according to document W Eligible for a bonus every six months at the end of performance periods.

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