The United States has raised the travel alert for the Dominican Republic to Level 2 due to crime and Govt

The United States has again elevated its travel alert for its citizens to the Dominican Republic due to an increase in crime, assault and sexual assault and Govt-19 cases.

There is a warning on the portal State DepartmentThere he calls for “greater caution in the Dominican Republic over crime.”

This indicates that violent crimes, including armed robberies, murders and sexual assaults, are a matter of concern throughout the Dominican Republic.

He says tourist areas in the cities of Santo Domingo are better protected and point to a weaker Dominican justice system that contributes to higher crime.

“The growth of the professional tourism police force, the organization of the 911 system in many parts of the country and the concentration of resources in tourist areas are better guards than urban areas like Santo Domingo. The report said.

For more information about trips to the Dominican Republic, enter Country Info Page.

CDC in Govt-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that the Dominican Republic has the highest levels of COVID-19 and that those who decide to visit the country should visit the CDC portal. Recent Travel Health. Information about your trip.

“Read State Department Govt-19 p Before planning any international trip and for country specific COVID-19 information read the embassy’s COVID-19 page.

Its citizens take care of your surroundings, do not physically resist any robbery attempts or show signs of wealth such as wearing expensive watches or jewelry.

Follow the advice of tourists and the resort regarding local safety and security concerns.

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It also recommends preparing a contingency plan for emergencies. Review the passenger checklist.

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