The United States has been trying to win the unbeaten El Tri since 2013

Two years have passed since the last final between USA and Mexico In a match Concoff This time Choice Of Stars and lines Has modified his tools Concoff final four In 2019, 80 percent of those who played the game will no longer be there, instead all players playing the game have “European weapons”. Old Continent, Looks to win திரி In the official game, something that has not happened since 2013.

A few years ago, both teams risked their lives in the final Gold Cup To be the best in the federation. The gregg brhalter set Made by the majority M.L.S. That he could not win திரி And lost 1-0 at the stadium Soldier Field From Chicago.

Now, Berholder In addition, there will be a United States full of active players in Europe Christian Police Becomes champion UEFA Champions League After receiving the title with Chelsea, Archer Zach Stephen Takes second place in the same competition after the military City of Manchester.

The new generation

The final of this competition League of Nations From Concoff Suitable for the team you lead Greg Berholder. This is the first time it has had a team, with 19 of the 23 footballers on the team Old Continent. Despite being part of some mid-table clubs, they also have elements of the best teams in Europe.

These include those mentioned Police Y Stephen. They connect The destruction of Sergino of Barcelona, Weston McKenney From Juventus, Geo Raina of Borussia Dortmund Y Tim Wee Who becomes the champion France With Small.

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The United States has not won an El Tri since 2013

For this reason it will be a litmus test for everyone Stars and lines It does not win the official competition Mexico Since 2013 they have beaten Tri 2-0 Play Goes towards World Cup From Brazil 2014.

They have met in four official matches since then திரி Won three times and drew in one, the latter will qualify Russia In 2018 Mexico City.

The victory of the American team took place on September 11, 2018 in a friendly Nashville, USA. That afternoon they won Mexican Gallery 1-0.

Gone are the 2019 final Americans

In two years and there are no players who have had the opportunity to represent United States Even if they get results against other federation clubs, they can never win திரி Related Duels. The players who no longer respect that 2019 call are:

Paul Areola, Josie Altidore, Jordan Morris, Michael Bradley, Aaron Long, Nick Lima, Omar Gonzalez, Walker Zimmerman, Will Troop, Kiazi Sardes, Sean Johnson, Christian Roldan, Daniel Lowitz, Jonathan Lois,

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