The Commune advances with the census to register itinerant workers

It is carried out by the Undersecretariat of Social Economy. They carry out operations in the vicinity of train stations. They aim to relieve them so that they can later process municipal permits and manage improvements in working conditions.

The Undersecretariat of Social Economy is making progress with a census that seeks to register workers in public spaces.

Through a series of operations carried out in the vicinity of train stations, they aim to collect information from those who work as street vendors, tostreet artists, artisans, car guards and glass cleaners, among other items.

The intention is to register them so that, in the future, they can be included in policies aimed at this informal sector of work and arrive with improvements in the conditions in which they work.

Currently, the survey is being carried out in the town of Presidente Derqui where, in two days, almost a hundred registered were reached, in addition to those who did so virtually – about 200 -.

“We want to know what population of street vendors we have in the district. It is a modality that, due to the crisis, grew a lot, “said Mariana Ayala, a member of the Undersecretariat in an interview with the program. FM Estudio 2’s Own Agenda (105.9).

Ayala pointed out that each person, in addition to registering them, is recorded in the National Registry of Workers of the Popular Economy and at the same time indicates that, in the future, they can process municipal permits for the development of their respective activities.

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To advance with the initiative, on Thursday and Friday of next week, the operation will be carried out in the town of Del Viso.

Regarding the relationship between street vendors and merchants who own premises, Ayala pointed out that it is hoped “to be able to work together” so that there is a good coexistence.

He specified that, at least this is the case in Derqui, although he did not rule out that in other localities work should be done on relocation of spaces for those who have permanent positions.

“Our goal is to work in coexistence, perhaps with some relocation, and that they can also have a better quality of life and decent conditions to perform their tasks,” Ayala closed.

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