The Unitary Platform condemned the blockade of its candidature and non-compliance with the Barbados Treaty.

Omar Barbosa, executive secretary of the Venezuelan opposition political alliance Unitarian Platform (PU), speaks during a press conference in Caracas, June 28, 2022. (Photo by Pedro RANCES MATTEY / AFP)

The Platform for Democratic Unity (PUD) condemned it on Wednesday night, April 3. The impasse on his candidature continues It contains National Electoral Council (CNE) For the presidential election on July 28 this year.


“We condemn that till today there is no candidate for the platform of unity” The PUD said in a statement posted on its X account (formerly Twitter).

The PUD exposed the hurdles they faced when they tried to prescribe a doctor from March 21. Corina YorisHe was unanimously elected by the democratic forces to replace him Maria Corina Machado.

“In the face of such violation and after completing all appropriate measures, as per the communication dated March 24, we started reporting to the CNE that our rights were flagrantly violated and the request to change the application deadline was violated from its inception.” He explained.

The opposition coalition also pointed out that they recorded the impossibility of accessing the system during the entire period “even in its last minutes”.

Likewise, on March 26, he clarified that he had registered provisionally Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia With the sole purpose of being able to, as their candidate for elections Secure cover of Democratic Unity Table (MUD).

“Venezuela and the whole world have clearly condemned these maneuvers, which are nothing more than the approval of a dangerous minority represented today by Nicolás Maduro” Added the platform.

Finally, they reaffirmed “their firm commitment to stand with the majority of Venezuelans on the electoral path” and Nicolás Maduro meets that Barbados Treaty It, among other points, “establishes respect for the candidate chosen by each party.”

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