The UAE will search for intelligent life in the asteroid belt later this decade

After reaching Mars, the Middle Eastern country wants to continue exploring the universe.

Digital recreation of the ship that will be used to explore the asteroid belt.

As vast as the universe is, we live in a region of the universe that still has corners that neither humans nor their technology have ventured into. Many NASA missions aim to achieve them certificate evidence of its existence life outside our planetalthough now it is the turn of the UAE Space Agency and a very special region in the solar system.

A new step for space exploration for the United Arab Emirates

under name Emirates mission in the asteroid beltwhich is one of the richest countries in the world, has launched all the mechanisms to form a mission aimed at send a shipin the year 2028for this region of the solar system to be able to Analyze and study closely many of asteroids Which he composes in case you didn’t know, we are talking about a type of disk located between Mars and Jupiter, which includes mostly asteroids, but also some dwarf planets, such as Ceres.

after Hope Probe I arrived successfully Marsin the year 2021The United Arab Emirates continues to expand its space program with A new taskin this case with a more ambitious goal: Find signs of life About the celestial bodies that move around asteroid belt. On this occasion, the mission will have to cover a distance ten times greater than the Mars mission and will include boat baptized in the name of MBRIn honor of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the current President of the State.

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he path to disk In question it will be somewhat more complicated than usual, first Venusso that its own gravitational force pushes the plane away from Back to earth and in the direction to MarsArrived to asteroid belt After touring 3 billion km. will be in general 2034 When the ship reaches the last of the seven asteroids it intends to visit and name it Justitia.

When he gets it, he will A rover descends to its roofgiven that this is one of two known red asteroids and it seems that we can find its surface Evidence of organic matter To study them when the ship returns to our planet. Hoor Al-Maazamia scientist at the UAE Space Agency and in Data compiled by BloombergAnd it states which – that:

This is one of the reddest objects in the asteroid belt and scientists don’t understand how it is so red. There are theories that it originally belonged to the Kuiper Belt, where there are more red objects. So that’s one of the things that we can study as well, where it’s likely to be rich in water.

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