The new hint is that Butler will replace Shakira as Pique’s replacement

After rumors of a relationship between Shakira and Jimmy Butler, the NBA star dropped a new hint about it.

And when the river roars it is because it brings stones. The best basketball and entertainment in the world again has a strong rumor that will replace Gerard Pique. There is a new clue about the alleged relationship between NBA and Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler and the famous Colombian singer.

How did it start? The Heat played in the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics and had a luxury assist for Game 3 on May 21. Shakira was in one of the boxes at Kaseya Center Stadium.

Immediately, they began looking for the Colombian singer’s connection to the Miami group and were surprised: among the 159 people Shakira follows on Instagram, one of them is NBA and Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler. The relationship of the famous basketball player is not only a friendship with the football player James Rodriguez, but he also follows what the Colombian singer publishes on social networks.

The new hint is that Butler will replace Shakira as Pique’s replacement

Shakira premiered the song Acrostic on May 11, 2023, and decided to release the audio version. Your Instagram account. So far so normal, but can’t guess who gave a like? Jimmy Butler himself gave a like to the Colombian singer’s video.

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