The trial of two Puerto Rican brothers detained in Mexico has been postponed to Monday.

The trial of two Puerto Rican brothers accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in Mexico has been adjourned until Monday. News.

According to the television media, the resolution arose because it was said that there was a blockage in the cases that Mexican authorities had to first deal with before addressing that particular situation.

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Charge against Eric Y Louis Zapada It was just before June 28 when they spent the night at a bar of the hotel where they were staying in Cancun, Mexico during the holidays.

After going there, a young woman accused them of sexually abusing both of them and during the legal proceedings, both had to be imprisoned in that country.

This afternoon, the father of two, Louis ZapadaTomorrow, Sunday, the lawyer representing his children will appeal to a Mexican court to hold a hearing on Monday, he said in an interview with Telenodias.

Look at what he told Telenodicius:

Live | Maribel Melandes Fontaine interviews the father of the Puerto Rican brothers who were arrested in Mexico. Telenodicias is pending at 5pm to extend this information.

Posted by Telenodicias PR Saturday, August 7, 2021

It is a follow-up investigation to prove the evidence we have and the presence in the attorney’s office. There, if the judge rules that it is okay, they dismiss the charges … so far that is the expectation“, He told the media.

Initially, the initial hearing was scheduled for Thursday, August 5, but was adjourned to give both parties time to meet the deadline for providing evidence.

Both the family attorney, Miguel Rivera, and the parents and defendants are innocent and have evidence to prove it.

Similarly, since the incident, the State Department has been in contact with Mexican officials and hopes they will receive fair and impartial treatment from the courts.

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