The Trelew campus of the University has space problems, but works are planned to facilitate daily operations

The lack of space at the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Trelew headquarters, and its consequent inconvenience for daily operations, is a point that the next Zonal delegate already took note of for its eventual solution – it would be proclaimed shortly after the election. in the Zonal Council-, Marcos Kupczewski. “We have faculties that must rent other buildings in order to teach classes,” the teacher and researcher from El Maitén told EL CHUBUT.
The current university enrollment comprises around 6 thousand students, excluding those who participate in the language workshops offered by the Faculty of Humanities. “The ideal would be to have spaces prepared for the educational community to carry out its tasks comfortably,” said the university leader. The point was considered in the electoral platform of Kupczewski, prior to the elections that took place on Wednesday 3 of the current.
For the zonal delegate designation, the Green list that he headed obtained 7 votes in favor and 4 against, which hardly changes at the time of being proclaimed.
“We have colleges, for example Engineering and Naturals, that have to rent space to teach,” Kupczewski said. Even Humanities “runs with some rent to carry out activities, they have an extension,” he said.
In mind “is the construction, not yet quantified, of an important work for the administrative sector, which is used for another purpose, has a space for particular tasks.” The correct thing is that “non-teaching personnel, teachers and authorities can fulfill their functions in the same property.”
«Another issue related to the building sector responds to careers that in their early years are in high demand, for example Law or Economics that reach 300 students. And we don’t have space for that. Larger classrooms are needed where these activities can be carried out, ”he commented.

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A “chronic” issue that the university authority must grapple with is the budget. «The historical range for salary payments is between 90 and 95%. And then using money for minimal maintenance is complex. This generates that within the faculties, that 5 or 7% per year, sometimes it is not enough, so many facultative units provide services to third parties and obtain funds for current expenses, “the teacher stated.
«It is a problem not having your own budget to project and invest and generate works. Although in this last management some were made, and surely this week a part of the library will be inaugurated, which was expanded at the Trelew headquarters “, he slipped.


Regarding the destination of the land adjacent to the house of higher studies, Kupczewski pointed out that there are ideas embodied in sketches designed for that property. «The idea is to design large classrooms. The Trelew venue does not have a lecture hall, and if we need to do an important event we have to celebrate it in one of the theaters. Also other convening scientific events, where we must get other spaces, “he said.
So “generating a large classroom in that place as a multifunctional space” would be the real project for the development of any massive activity. Another problem is parking. “The one we have in front of the building, due to internal and external issues, some teachers do not find a place and there are hours when there are no classes, but it will be an issue to be resolved,” he concluded.

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