Alida Nunes frolicking in a yellow swimsuit in the pool

once again Alida Nunes Approved Actress Of Mexican soap operas And the businessman, once again won the hearts of his fans and immediately sped it up because he was shown in the pool, in the photo, wearing a swimsuit.

Swimsuit Alida Nunes It’s one piece, and only on a few occasions have we seen her wear this kind of full dress, she usually wears two piece swimwear and shows off her belly.

However, even though she was wearing this beautiful dress, her shade was much appreciated, especially since she was completely wet in the pool.

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On March 13, the Mexican beauty shared this picture on her official Instagram account, which will delight anyone thinking from the first second of most photos and videos like this.

Aleida Núñez surprised with underwater photo with swimsuit | Instagram aleidanunez

In the photo, in one part of the description, Alida wrote a good response, when more than one of them read it, they would have reconsidered and thought twice about these important things mentioned by the actress and the businessman.

You … purify, renew, liberate, listen to the voice of your soul, “said Alida Nunes.

The design used by Alida, the wide straps that cross her neck, her color Swimwear It is yellow, but the tone is a little darker as this beauty is completely wet.

Click here If you want to see the photo.

Alida Nunes He has become an influencer on social networks, especially on Instagram, he currently has 3.4 million followers, which is increasing little by little, he already has more than 65,000 red hearts since a few months ago with this release.

As for bold comments, it is already over 500, although we find some emojis, there are those who dare to write a few dangerous words, while others simply declare their love.

Perhaps some of her fans would have had the opportunity to be with this beautiful actress in Telenowella tomorrow forever, because for a few months she was separated from her husband Pablo Klokowski, the father of her son.

Nowadays Núñez is enjoying a decent vacation in some of the rooms in which he does not share the name of the place, however they are beautiful.

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