The Toys R Us chain will return to the US with 24 new stores

Toys R Us has announced its return to the United States with 24 new stores. They also intend to open smaller centers in the country’s airports and cruise ships.

Its executives confirmed that their ambitious plans regarding opening the centers will crystallize during the upcoming Christmas season.

WHP Global, the company that owns Toys R Us, has set this idea as a goal for its workers. Starting the business services and sales of its products in major cities in the United States will be a reality initially.

For example, next November, you will open a store that will be located at the airport. In fact, the plane will be at one of the busiest air terminals in the world, A, on the Dallas/Fort Worth International Runway.

Yehuda Schmidman, President and CEO of WHP, commented on this topic. “The Toys R Us brand is growing rapidly and our expansion in the air, land and sea is a testament to the strength of the brand.”

Return after bankruptcy

Toys R Us managers and workers experienced multiple serious financial problems during 2017. The situation was so serious that the company declared bankruptcy. At that time it had 1,691 stores under its ownership. In addition, the company has allowed 257 other companies, in 38 countries, to use its trademark under a supervised license.

Four years later, in 2021, WHP acquired a majority stake in the parent company of Toys R Us. Its senior executives confirmed that they generate more than $2 billion in global retail sales annually.

Toys “R” Us is an international retail chain of toys, clothing and children’s products. Its origins date back to 1948 when it was born in Washington, D.C. under the name Children’s Supermart. Then, in 1957, it took its current name.

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