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The number of first-round rounds shows that Lasso won in the big provinces and Perez won in the smaller ones.

They are unprecedented elections. The country’s vision is not on the winner, but on the second and third place candidates. According to official figures, Guillermo Lasso received about 33,000 more votes (half full Capewell Stadium) than Yagu Perez on the list of 13 million voters.

Although the technical tie is clear at the end, there are big differences within the provinces. Taking into account the votes of these two candidates alone, National Election Council figures show that Perez won in 16 provinces and Lasso in 8, while it is in 2nd.

What explains why the tie is maintained nationally, despite the huge difference in the number of wins at the provincial level? The answer is simple. Perez had great advantages in provinces with few voters, while Lasso won among adults.

Here is an example. Perez destroyed Lasso in Cotobaxi, Bolivar, Kasar, Sukumbas, Morona Santiago and Zamora Cincinnati. The difference there was 4 to 1 in favor of the tribal leader. This is 265,000 more votes than his opponent.

Lasso, on the other hand, does not have such huge wins over its direct rival. The best results were obtained in Quas, Manabe and Galapagos, where the difference was 7 to 3 in favor of the banker. However, when Quas’ votes were taken into account, Lasso received 370,000 more votes than Perez.

The election map shows Perez dominating the Sierra Centro, Astro and Amazon; And Lasso, on the beach.

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It was the results of the latter region that aroused the suspicions of the tribal leader of the alleged fraud. In his first public interventions, he condemned the loss in those provinces.

Following these reports, the domestic movement announced mobilizations. Anger subsided following Lasso’s agreement to open a dialogue that ended Friday with an agreement to reconsider all votes for Quas and 50% of the vote from the 16 provinces.

The CNE still defines the rules to be known, among other things, in which provinces the number will be made and under what mechanism the records will be selected. It is unofficial that the coastal and Sierra provinces are entering into this process. The last word will be the full session of the CNE. (I)

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