Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Fagundo Campazo and LeBron James pass against NBA [Video]

It is time for revenge Fosundo Compassso. In the first game of the regular season in between Los Angeles Lakers Y Denver Nuggets The Argentine was forced to withdraw from the tournament due to injury, but this Sunday he began to retaliate. LeBron James.

In the final minutes of the first quarter, Campuso had time to lead the Knights attack. Give the ball a face that is going to do some magic trick The trademark exchange was against Faceundo LeBron: Oh, oh!

With his character Camposso looked to one side and gave the pass without looking the other side of the field. And LeBron? He raised his hands and went crazy, while Zeke Nanaji turned Fosundo’s magic into an aid. For a trip.

Facundo Campasso painted the face of LeBron James in the NBA

In the final quarter of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets, it was as if Fagundo Camposo was unaffected, leaving LeBron James in a bad way with one help. The Argentine basketball player earned a living and still left the star of the California team.

Despite LeBron’s 2.06 meters, the Compass was faster than LeBron and stole the attack back from his hands. The Fakundo Knuckles ended in victory 15 points, one restart, four assists and two thefts. Great game!

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