The story of the youngest millionaire in the UK who does not own a house or office!

Booferhead works from a rental property in Barfilona.

In two years, Johnny Burberry has transformed his online conference hosting site, Hobby, into a company worth more than $ 5.6 billion. He reconsidered this BBC Mundo.

He employs more than 500 people, but some of whom he has never met, and none from the central office.

According to The Sunday Times Rich List, the 27-year-old Booferhat is now the UK’s youngest billionaire, who in the latest round of fundraising raised $ 400 million from Hope’s private investors, giving him a net worth of $ 5.65 billion.

But he wants to do things differently.

Johnny Bouhardt explains from his last Airpin rental property in Barcelona, ​​Spain: “Being completely remote allows us to do things that other companies have never been able to do before.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a permanent office, these entrepreneurs don’t even have a permanent home.

You are a digital nomad, moving from one rental property to another, running your business wherever you are.

“I could not do this ten years ago because the software was not good enough and sending emails back and forth was not enough,” says Bafferhat.

This is not an ideological decision, as the company has expanded at a faster pace and has proven that long-distance missions are more efficient.

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