The story of Rosvan Ionescu, who grew up in Tampa’s “American” New York, is already debuting in League 3

ACS Kids Tampa is a club known for kids and juniors, and this summer it stepped into the seniors, expanding one of the places available in League 3 with 100 teams.

With the largest group of juniors born in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, Braso’s band aims to provide continuity for children raised in their own “yard”.

In a special story midfielder Rosvan Ionescu, is the product of “bears”, but only half.

The 18-year-old was born in the United States, especially in New York and Astoria. “My parents met in the United States. They have been there since the 80s. I started playing football at the age of five. I didn’t want to try baseball or “basketball” because I had been playing football around the house since I was two, and my parents decided it was best“, Ionesu recalled.

His first club was one of the Catholic schools he attended, and later he was part of various academies in the American metropolis: the New York Cosmos, PW Godzilla Soccer or the Brooklyn Med Oval. “I had a beautiful childhood there. I went to school until the sixth grade, I had many happy experiences with friends from many countries, and I am still in touch with him. I had a group of friends from South America, with whom I participated in futsal competitions, during the winter and summer breaks – Brooklyn Athletics. I played in the Youth Super League Y Championship until I was 13 ”.

Roswan Ionescu: “I do not know how to speak or write Romanian”

For personal reasons, the parents decided to return to the country after 30 years. The first thing they thought of was finding a place to train because they knew it would help him integrate quickly. That’s how he came to Kids Tampa, one of the best known training schools in Bravo and in the country. “In League 3, I was still warmly received by co-workers Sibri Engel and Nicu Waduwa. I remember participating very quickly in a match in Turku Murray. That’s how the story began. He contributed ”.

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A problem school by the time he returned. He entered the sixth grade of the high school where “Andre Muresanu” was educated, but he could not write in Romanian. “The teachers helped me and the peers encouraged me!”

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He wants a physical therapy hospital and a restaurant

His parents decided to at least stay in Romania, so Roswan wants to continue to do what he loves most, play football, and follow the courses of the Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain Sports, in high school with a special dynamic therapy sports program in 12th grade). “After all these years, I can say that Romania will remain in my heart no matter where my life takes me or where my parents decide to settle. This place helped me grow and develop in my youth! ”, Says Roswan, who wants to have his own“ Kineto ”clinic, but dreams of having a restaurant.

Kids team

Last 10th place in the 5th series of League 3, the position occupied by Kids Tampa during the winter break. “I want to get better results in the second half of the season, a better team game, which will bring us more points. Personally, I want to improve my pace,” said the 1.93m midfielder, sometimes the central defender.

Cyprian Angel and Nicola Vadua are the coaches on the Bravo team, practically most of the players on the team grew up with them, and senior Adrian Harlop is the technical director.

The Kids have a place in the Tampa League 3 because teams have been registered in the Elite League in recent seasons and have used the extension to 10 series in 10 teams.

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The club ranks first among academies

In fact, for the second year in a row, according to the classification created by the Romanian Football Federation, the club topped the country’s football academies and was released in August (16th), registering teams in all four elite leagues in Romania: U19, U17, U16, U15. Yet the 2020-2021 season has not started in the wake of the epidemic, with hope in the spring.

A senior team is a natural and necessary step for our project. We already had the site of the pyramid consisting of training groups, intermediate groups and elite groups, and now it was time to move on to the next level, a group where the juniors of our academy could form. I made this decision to put another brick in the resumption of Brasov football. I know this vulnerability will be severe for these children aged 16, 17 and 18 years. But as time goes on we hope that they will gain experience and have a better chance of getting a career. Gradually, we strive to become more professional, more involved, and better at everything we do. We are not perfect, but we are trying to achieve this goal. First of all, we continue to be guided by the principles we have developed, the offensive, and the guidelines for creating a spectacular game, ”said Adrian Zaharia, President of the Brasov Club.

A colleague in the attack was raised in Calabria with the help of Regina

Rosvan Iones is not the only Tampa player to have started playing football abroad. Born in Brian, Marion Grex, but only five years old in Italy, with his family, was a junior at the ASPI Patre Monti Academy, then associated with Serie A team Regina Calcio, now Serie B.

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“My father already decided to go there and take all of us with him. I finished high school and high school there. Many of the players from the academy were promoted to Regina’s team,” says the striker, who is no longer one of the very few players from Kids.

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