Android: Google Alert for millions of phones

Android Google is at the center of the most important alert Google has issued to hundreds of millions of phones worldwide, including targeting PC users. Google has detected two sophisticated attacks that have used vulnerabilities on Android and Windows to target users around the world, making targets vulnerable against these complex attacks, unfortunately for everyone affected by the situation.

Android At the operating system level Google Chrome attacked, the browser triggered its own exploitation, and then hackers to use the operating system for phones. The same thing happened with Windows, where Google Chrome was the entry point for the operating system, after which another exploit was used, so the tactic is similar to the Android operating system.

Android: Google ALERT for millions of phones

Android And Windows have been attacked by dedicated servers, and Google claims that attacking users is a very complex and well-thought-out exploitation. What this means is that hackers have long worked to exploit Android and Windows, and the vulnerabilities they have identified as zero day, i.e. until they are used against users around the world, are therefore a big problem.

Android It usually solves any problem that Google finds very quickly, but in unknown cases like this, it is not easy to fix the situation. Despite this, Google has quickly solved the problems faced by users of the Android operating system, but now it explains how complicated the most serious attack is, and users need to install the latest updates. .

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Android This will be an even more important target for hackers as it is so popular all over the world that due to this more situations like this can be seen.

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