The story of a Dominican in London and her husband

Alexandra Morel She never imagined that “a simple relaxation” would make her the topic of conversation on social networks, thanks to which, There will be an opportunity to meet the President of the Dominican RepublicIn 2021 she left the country with her husband Luis Martinez in search of better opportunities.

But the story of Alexandra and Louis goes beyond losing President Abinader to “two or three packets of coffee.”

Martínez received a job offer after applying to a British company to work as a web developer, one of the jobs that will represent a major brain drain from the DR to different parts of the world starting in 2021.

In conversation with Free daily Not only did he get the chance to live in another European country for a year in 2017, Many of his friends who are software developers have emigrated and live in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Canada.

The couple hails from Las Cabos, a popular sector of Santo Domingo. Louis was a student at ITLA, while Alexandra, who studied at UTESA and is now based in London, works in marketing and photography.

The pair spoke of how the process of adapting to a culture so different to them and how the Beatles, Spice Girls and Shakespeare were able to establish themselves and thrive in the country.

“The lifestyle is different in many aspects. We’ve learned to always check the forecast before going out because of how fickle the weather is. You always have to be prepared for rain and long trips to move around the city,” Alexandra Diario told Liber.

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“The weather was the biggest challenge for us. We moved at the beginning of February and sometimes the temperature dropped to -2 degrees. It was unpleasant in the beginning to deal with this low temperature, but in the end we got used to it and can deal with it today,” the Dominican couple.

Coffee with Abinadar

A young Dominican resident of London, England, went viral after the media published an audio of him in which he asked the president to bring “two or three packets of coffee” upon his arrival.

“I was wondering if by any chance you could bring me two or three coffee packets before I run out, if it’s not too much, please ask and let me know when you arrive, where I’m going to look. Is it going to be there,” the young woman said in her audio. And so it happened.

Alexandra never thought her audio would reach the president, and when she received a message on Instagram from a member of Luis Abinador’s team, she says she had to make sure it was a real person.

Morel met the president and first lady last week at a hotel in downtown London, after contacting her through social media, and the meeting was arranged by the president’s team.

“Here I bring you your coffee,” were the words of President Luis Abinador when he met a Dominican youth asking him to take “two or three packages of Santo Domingo coffee” to London.

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